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Coronavirus Update 04.10.20

Hello Residents and Families,

As part of our continued communication, this is a weekly update on how Aldersly is addressing the COVID-19 crisis.

To date, we have had no cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) at Aldersly. We are diligent in our commitment to carefully monitor signs and symptoms of the virus for all people entering the community and continue changing our access policies for people entering the community.

This week, Aldersly had state surveyors review our existing access policies and make some recommendations. As you know, Aldersly operates under the guidance of the California Department of Social Services and the California Department of Public Health. In addition, we are following state and local health department orders, including the Marin County Shelter-in-place order that has been extended through May 3rd.

Residents have been asked to not go out or have visitors in any area of the community. We realize that the holiday this weekend may cause people to want to visit, but please do not put our residents at risk. It will take all of us minimize the exposure and to prevent Aldersly residents from contracting this virus. We are working on adopting a visitor policy that would allow us to create a safe area for limited visits, so please allow us time to work on the solution.

Staff will continue to wear masks and face coverings until further notice. Independent Living residents have been given bandanas to use as face coverings when they leave their apartment or entering common spaces. Face coverings do not replace the 6 ft. physical distancing and handwashing guidelines.

To further promote prevention, we are securing the entrances to the Assisted Living and the Health Center. Residents should use alternate routes to travel within the community, avoiding these areas. We are also working on setting up a grocery store for our residents to reduce their need to leave Aldersly. If you would still like your family or a friend to bring non-essential items, we ask that they please leave it at the Front Office.

Please reach out to the front desk with questions you may have. Our team is doing a great job keeping our residents safe. Thank you for your cooperation in making this serious crisis less stressful for all who live and work at Aldersly.

Best regards and please take care of yourselves and each other,

Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director