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Coronavirus Update 04.24.20

Dear Residents, Family and Friends,

We find ourselves at the end of the 5th week since the shelter-in-place order was put in place in Marin County. The Aldersly team has done a tremendous job providing care and service to all our residents during these pressing times. To date, the protocols we have implemented have prevented all COVID-19 virus transmission at Aldersly, a record we hope maintain.

I am committed to act responsibly in providing resident safety and keep each resident’s best interest in mind. Governor Newsom stated on Thursday (April 23) that individuals should continue to shelter at home and maintain social distancing even as there may be a pullback from the shelter-in-place orders. Therefore, we anticipate that we may need to limit our resident and staff interactions and exposure to other people beyond May 3rd, the end date of the current order. Keeping our existing community guidelines for a few additional weeks will be a small price to pay for keeping all of us in the community safe from the impact of COVID-19.

This week, residents received our updated Shelter-in-Place guidelines, which include our procedures for meal service, activities, housekeeping and maintenance in Independent Living. We will continue to adjust our services for residents in Assisted Living and the Health Center to allow different activities to occur in small group settings offering those residents a little respite away from their rooms. In order for this to be successful, the buildings are secured and no visitors should be allowed into these areas without the Administrator or my authorization. Persons who want to make an essential visit or see their family member can contact the Front Office and schedule a visit following our visitation guidelines.

Daily voice messages continue to be sent via VoiceFriend to our residents. Families can receive similar messages as well by providing the Front Office with their updated phone information. It is impossible to communicate all that is going on at Aldersly continuously in real time. Our main focus is to communicate all necessary information with transparency and to share the many facets to Aldersly’s successful prevention of COVID-19 exposure. A resident’s family member has graciously volunteered to create a newsletter aimed at sharing information beyond the essentials, but rather activities the staff is implementing to delight our residents and brighten their day. I hope it will provide an added sense of security for all who read it.

Thank you for your support and care for each other during these times, and for doing your best to comply with state and local official health requests.

Please reach out to me or the Front Office for questions and concerns.


Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director