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Aldersly Staff Appreciation Fund

Dear Families of residents and friends of Aldersly,

During the course of the shelter-in-place at Aldersly, the officers of the Aldersly Residents Club received many requests for the Club to find an appropriate way to thank the staff who were doing such a good job taking care of us and helping protect us.

The staff adapted to many new demands required by the regulations, and the need to continue to provide for our needs. Their cheerful smiles have been a bright spot in our days. Their diligence in following the regulations have been a significant part of keeping Aldersly free of COVID 19 to date.

Residents are aware of the many changes to the work required. Excellent meals are delivered through pushing loaded carts up and down our hills. The dining staff has had to adjust their planning to accommodate food shortages and still provide variety and choices. The housekeeping staff is fully occupied in constantly cleaning all common areas, especially the front desk area. Front desk staff are now gatekeepers making decisions about access for visitors and even packages to avoid sources of infection. There are a multitude of activities available through zoom, and Independent Living residents are free to enjoy our beautiful springtime gardens. Residents in the Health Care Center and the Assisted Living units have been more restricted due to greater vulnerability. The staff has provided a more intense level of care, especially for residents with some level of impaired memory for whom it is difficult for them to understand why their families can’t visit.

These are the changes easily visible to residents. Much of the work and planning is behind the scenes.

In addition to all the changes in tasks, responsibilities, and intensity of work, employees face increased health risks to themselves and their families every time they come to work.

The Staff Appreciation Fund was created and we thank many of you who have donated to the Fund. When shelter-in-place conditions have ended, the funds accumulated will be distributed to all employees on the basis of hours worked during the shelter-in-place period.

If you would like to join those residents that have donated to the Staff Appreciation Fund, checks should be payable to: Aldersly Staff Appreciation Fund. Your donation will be tax-deductible. We anticipate the fund closing by the middle of June.

Thank you for your assistance in this acknowledgment of our outstanding staff.

Marjorie Schwier

Aldersly Resident’s Club President

Peter Schakow

Aldersly Board President