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Coronavirus Update 06.12.20

Hi Everyone,

Over the last 10 weeks, you have been safely following shelter-in-place guidelines and cooperating with our state and local mandates. Our successful curtailment of the coronavirus has allowed the Aldersly community to plan behind the scenes for the multi-phased getting-back-to-normal implementation.

The following is a list of the upcoming health and safety guidelines we are going to be implementing as part of these next phases at Aldersly.

  • Throughout the phases, all of our staff will continue to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times, and they will complete a verbal symptom checklist and temporal temperature check before each shift.
  • Aldersly has increased our stock to have plenty of reusable and disposable masks for daily use. We also have proper PPE to care for a resident who tests positive or during a quarantine.
  • Visitors will complete a symptom checklist and temporal temperature check when they walk into the lobby. Visitors will still be required to wear a face shield or face covering during person to person interactions, as per local mandates.
  • We will check residents’ temperature using a temporal thermometer daily during mealtimes.
  • In high visitor traffic areas, we have installed partitions to limit the exposure between our staff, visitors and guests. Partitions will be used for visits occurring in Assisted Living and Health Center.
  • Touchless lights, faucets, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are being installed in all public restrooms to reduce personal contact with surfaces.
  • Our culinary team is converting our dining areas to accommodate cruise style dining (two meal seatings for lunch and dinner) to allow for proper physical distancing.
  • Activities will be held with limited attendance to allow for physical distancing and may be shorter to allow extra time for cleaning and disinfecting in between programs.
  • Aldersly has purchased disinfectant sprayers, which emit a safe, high-grade disinfectant that will be used daily in high traffic common areas and activity spaces.
  • Routine COVID-19 testing is planned for staff and residents needing higher levels of care to monitor exposure.

I hope this list brings confidence that we are implementing policies on cleaning and disinfecting that would make even the CDC proud. We are excited to continue taking steps to implementing future phases while still keeping resident and staff safety our top priority. Stay safe.

Best regards,

Gilbert Carrasco
Executive Director