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Coronavirus Update 06.19.20

June 19, 2020

Dear Aldersly Family,

Over the past few months, our Aldersly team has made significant changes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are pleased and proud that the team has been able to deliver on our commitment to safely serve and protect the residents. While no staff member cared directly for a resident who tested positive, their actions and personal precautions contributed to Aldersly having ZERO resident cases to date.

Our residents wanted to acknowledge and thank the staff for the outstanding job they have done. They, along with families, board members and donor friends, created a Staff Appreciation Fund that raised nearly $18,000 for distribution as a special thank you to the staff.

In addition, the Aldersly Board approved funds to cover the mandatory IRS and State withholding taxes for the Staff Appreciation Gift and gave each qualifying employee a one-time Hero Bonus Award. This award was based on an employee’s amount of time worked during the COVID-19 crisis.

I want to thank all the residents, family members, Board Members, and donor friends who gave to the Staff Appreciation Fund. The fund was the most meaningful way to say ‘thank you’ to this hard-working group. Handwritten notes of appreciation from residents were included with the Staff Appreciation Fund checks.

Underneath each mask, shines a hero. Our staff have managed to safely care for all our residents and for each other. We are so proud of the job they have done! The team will continue to do their best, following state and local orders during the reopening phases. Please remain patient and appreciative of all they do for your family members and our residents to keep them safe.

Next week, I will include a progress update on Aldersly’s 3-phased implementation process. Until then, stay safe and take care of yourself and each other.

Warm regards,

Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director