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Coronavirus Update 07.01.20

Dear Aldersly Family,

On Friday, Aldersly tested residents and employees who were in contact with an employee who recently tested positive.

While we are still waiting for the results from staff who were not able to test on Friday, the majority of tests have been processed and have come back negative. Per the California Department of Public Health, we are also testing staff in the health center this week and will continue to do routine testing in the Health Center and Assisted Living.

We will notify the Aldersly community with any future updates or if someone should test positive after this message. We will continue to provide family with weekly updates, residents with regular VoiceFriend communication and staff with memos regarding our processes during this pandemic. The measures we have taken during this time have worked and we will continue to follow the phasing and visitation guidelines in place.

Thank you for following the guidelines during this pandemic. As we see the amount of positive cases in the County, state, and Country continue to rise, we must be diligent in caring for the safety of our residents. Let’s continue to do our best to take care of ourselves and each other.

Be well!