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Coronavirus Update 08.08.20

Dear Residents and Families,

This week, the Marin IJ reported outbreaks that have occurred in Health Centers and Retirement Communities in the County. Aldersly reports to the county and state daily on our continued efforts to reduce the potential for outbreak. We are continuously monitoring and updating our guidelines based on feedback and information from scientists and medical professionals as we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 virus.

As the Executive Director, I hold myself personally responsible for ensuring that our community prevents an outbreak by reducing our exposure to the virus. Our Aldersly staff have done an outstanding job rising to the occasion to protect our residents and I could not be prouder of them during this time. It is hard work! They are true heroes and continue to provide for our residents each day.

Last week, we performed a round of contact tracing for residents and staff, caused by the staff that had tested positive. I am pleased to report that all tests returned negative. Staff members who tested positive in prior testing are on the mend, hoping to return to work soon.

We will continue to do planned testing, following a schedule to test each staff member at least monthly and residents every 2 months. Using this schedule, residents in Assisted Living will be tested in August and Independent Living residents will test in September. Every resident and staff member have been tested in July. Residents or family members who would like a copy of their in-house lab results may contact Assisted Living Nursing for a copy of the result(s).

Two weeks ago, I mentioned we had purchased and received partitions to improve visitor access in the Health Center and Assisted Living. These partitions will allow visitation to occur in each area and open the schedule for residents to see visitors in all areas. Our Administrator, Samantha Dougherty, is waiting for approval of our policy from the State and County officials to begin this process. We will update you all as soon as that is available. In the interim, please continue to schedule outside visits in our Front Office visitation area only.

On a separate note, a crew from Security 101 has been working on the campus preparing the installation of our keyless entry system. Residents will begin to see them more frequently now that the infrastructure has been installed and we will soon be ready to install the locks in both the common areas and in each resident’s door. This will increase our campus-wide security. The keyless system is being installed in Independent Living first and will be installed in Assisted Living as part of the big renovation, scheduled at the end of this calendar year.

I cannot thank you enough for all the support you give our team. We will get through these tough times. Stay optimistic and be safe.

Best regards,
Gilbert Carrasco
Executive Director