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Coronavirus Update 08.28.20

Hi Everyone,

As shared with you in a VoiceFriend message earlier this week, a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 and is safely recovering at home. We have tested other staff who were in contact with this person and all have come back negative. As a preventative measure, we changed our testing schedule to test Independent Living residents in August and moved the Assisted Living residents testing to September. This change was made due to the fact that our staff member who tested positive worked solely in the Independent Living areas. By continuing our scheduled testing, we can track the signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. All residents and staff who have been tested should still limit their interaction with people outside of Aldersly and strictly follow shelter-in-place protocols, until we have received your results. Any additional people testing positive will be quarantined appropriately.

Thank you to all the residents and families who are adapting to the new visitation area guidelines. We ask you to stay home when slightly ill, continue good hand washing hygiene, wear face coverings and keep proper social distancing in all person-to-person communication.

We hope that our families are safe during these unprecedented times. The recent California wildfires have created poor air conditions and caused many people to evacuate their homes. While we are fortunate that we are not in danger of evacuation, Aldersly is still impacted by the poor air quality. We have distributed KN95 masks to all residents and stopped outdoor activities. We will evaluate the smoke conditions day by day and hope to get back together soon. In the interim, if you are going outside, we ask that residents use the KN95 mask for protection from the smoke. You can also check the air quality at the website BAAQMD.GOV or call the front desk to check the air quality at a particular time.

In the event we experience a significant change in our community (natural disaster or pandemic), we will use our VoiceFriend communication system to keep you aware of what is happening. Please reach out to me or the front desk with questions you may have.

Take care of yourselves and one another.

Best regards,

Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director