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Coronavirus Update 09.04.20

Dear Residents and Families,

Last week, we performed a round of contact tracing for staff and a full round of testing for Independent living residents. I am pleased to report that all tests returned negative. The staff member who tested positive in prior testing is on the mend, hoping to return to work soon.

We continue to do planned testing following a schedule to test each staff member at least monthly and residents every 2 months. Because this is an internal testing, your primary care physician will not automatically get a copy of the lab results. Residents or family members who would like a copy of their in-house lab results may contact Assisted Living Nursing for a copy of the result(s).

The Aldersly team is constantly monitoring the changing air quality conditions related to the recent wildfires, power outages, heat waves and the coronavirus. During the week, the leadership team has regular communications to discuss our procedures as well as our plans to make adjustments day by day. Our residents receive VoiceFriend messages when we make changes and we are so thankful for their for understanding.

We still continue following our Phase I guidelines and have reintroduced the hair salon use based on Marin County Health Department guidelines. The community’s guidelines will be altered as the conditions within the county’s COVID-19 exposure changes. We will keep you updated when changes occur.

Finally, I am pleased to announce we have hired a new Administrator. Her name is Preet Kaur and she previously worked at the Forum at Rancho San Antonio, a Life Care Services managed community, as their Assistant Administrator over the last two years. Like Sam, she has experience with the current systems used at Aldersly and will quickly acclimate to Aldersly policies and procedures, which are created with support of the management company. Her time at the Forum was nearly complete so she is able to start at Aldersly on September 8, 2020. A profile letter from her has been included in the resident boxes and read here for our families to get to know her. Please join me in welcoming Preet to our community.

Even in these tough times, we are learning how to adapt to a new lifestyle. Thank you for all the support you give our team. Stay healthy and be safe.

Best regards,

Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director