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Coronavirus Update 10.09.20

Dear Residents and Families,

It has been almost seven months since we closed the Aldersly community to visitors and guests and restricted common area access. No one could have imagined that we would still be dealing with this pandemic and that the end is still far from view.

If I have learned anything over the last two weeks from the media and our country events, it is that the COVID-19 virus can affect anyone, even the people in positions with the most available coronavirus prevention resources available to them. These findings cause a person in my position to remain cautious of reducing quarantines and restrictions, and stress the importance of face coverings and physical distancing.

Vice President, Mike Pence, stated in the VP debate this week that, Americans have the freedom to take information we have been given about the COVID-19 pandemic and make choices based on the best interest of our health. And while this isn’t about politics, I believe that when it affects others through airborne transmission, our choice, as Americans, has to involve protecting others and not just our individual health.

Our Aldersly staff have done an outstanding job rising to the occasion to protect our residents. They are working tirelessly to make sure that our residents are healthy, safe and protected. We are even managing to have some fun along the way to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation in this time of uncertainty. It is hard work! But our residents see what they are doing and are in turn, doing the best they can to keep our staff safe too.

Last week, we performed multiple rounds of contact tracing for residents and staff, caused by one staff who had tested positive. I am pleased to report that all tests returned negative. The staff member who tested positive has recovered and is back to work as well.

We are hopeful that Marin county will move forward with future phases and allow Aldersly to move into our next phase of reopening. Our plan for the next phase will include small group activities that could be held indoors, the fitness studio being open with scheduled time limits, errand opportunities for residents to get essentials and a new essential visitor program. We hope to distribute more information about these updates next week.

Our Aldersly team is constantly thinking of ways to help our residents through these tough times. This month, we started our restaurant dinner program where Aldersly purchased meals from local businesses that were served to residents each week. Residents, recently enjoyed pizza from Stefano’s, Puerto Rican food from Sol Food and Mexican cuisine from Celia’s. Octoberfest was is full swing this week and we have great plans for a spooky October.

There is so much to be grateful for at Aldersly. Thank you for staying optimistic and safe during these last seven months. I appreciate all the support during these tough times.

Best regards,
Gilbert Carrasco
Executive Director