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Coronavirus Update 12.04.20

Hello Aldersly Family,

This week, we began the construction phase of our Master Plan to enhance the care of those we serve and implement innovative care approaches for the future. The coronavirus pandemic has added some difficulty to the completion of this project. To protect our residents and team members who live and work in Rosenborg, we have taken specific steps to separate the construction team from the residents. We will do all we can to give timely updates on any issues or delays related to the renovation.

As I shared with you in a previous message this week, we have had an employee test positive who is now at home recovering. Contact tracing testing was completed this week and we have had no additional exposure to date. Residents in Independent Living were tested this afternoon and we hope to have their results by end of day Monday. Assuming all resident test results are negative and Marin County stays in a Substantial Risk category (Red), we will resume some in-person activities on December 8th. More information will be shared next week.

Thank you for being safe and cautious over the Thanksgiving holiday. Over the past few weeks, my dad lost an uncle and his wife to this deadly disease. Words cannot express the grief my family has over their passing and I cannot imagine how their daughter and grandchildren are feeling, knowing that both have died over the last 3 weeks to the same disease. The pandemic is real, and I cannot bear the thought of anyone being tragically affected by this disease here at Aldersly. You are my California family.

Please, please, please follow the guidelines we have set forth. Avoid giving the Front Office a hard time by asking for exceptions or changes to the processes we have established. They are only following the rules I have established to keep us all safe at this time. More importantly, we may be only months away from re-opening the campus. As Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “Hang in there… Help is on the way.” An approved vaccine is close and Aldersly is signed up to be part of the first recipients.

I am grateful for your ongoing support during this challenging time and I ask that you act with prudence in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for understanding. Stay safe and healthy!

Warm Regards,

Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director