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Coronavirus Positive Case Update 12.23.20

Dear residents, employees and families of Aldersly,

I’d like to follow up with you regarding how COVID-19 is affecting us at Aldersly. Using rapid testing, we have identified twelve (12) residents and eight (8) staff members that have the COVID-19 virus. Members of the Marin County Health Department are at Aldersly today to conduct an additional round of testing on all residents and staff in Assisted Living and the Health Center who have tested negative. We are currently awaiting lab results from Monday’s molecular testing, known as PCR tests, for confirmation of the individuals who tested positive.

Aldersly is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s protocols, in conjunction with instruction from the Marin County Health Department, to ensure staff and residents are isolated and quarantined appropriately. We are monitoring the health of those individuals closely as many are showing symptoms of the virus. Additionally, we have quarantined the entire campus and all levels of care through December 28th. While we are confident that those who have come into direct contact with individuals who tested positive have been tested, there may be unknown second or third exposures that may result in someone else testing positive or being infected.

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving, and it continues to spread at incredible levels. Now, more than ever, we need full cooperation of our family, residents and staff to follow shelter-in-place orders. Yesterday (12/22/20), Dr. Willis reported 40 retirement communities, assisted living, long-term care facilities have a combined 140 people with the coronavirus. We must do all we can to have NO direct person-to-person contact and ensure our face coverings are worn at all times and properly. The Front Office has copies of the Shelter-in-Place orders to guide you at this time.

Our staff is doing all they can to follow best practices and continue to implement CDC protocols to reduce everyone’s risk to COVID-19. It is hard to be quarantined. We will do everything we can to make the holiday special. So please observe the rules. No residents should be in common areas and be limited for short periods outdoors. No social gatherings of any kind should be conducted through the end of the week.

We are committed to communicating with you as transparently and frequently as possible. I’m sorry I cannot make these calls individually to you all. This recording system is the best way for us to communicate promptly as our situation changes.

Please keep our residents and staff who are ill in your thoughts and prayers. Have a safe Christmas and be well.