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Coronavirus Update 01.08.21

Dear Residents and Families,

Happy New Year!

Last month, we faced an outbreak in our Assisted Living area that impacted staff and residents across the campus. Many residents and staff were hospitalized or received intense treatments, and many have not fully recovered. We were sad 3 Aldersly residents passed away during this outbreak and ask you to keep their families and the residents still affected in your thoughts and prayers. Through this outbreak, several family members who had visited residents failed to notify us that they were symptomatic or tested positive, creating further issues for our team. The pain this virus continues to inflict on our community and country is far from over and we ask you all to do your part to take care of yourself and our Aldersly community. Furthermore, families must inform us if they take residents out of the community, meet them at appointments or become ill so we can quarantine the resident appropriately.

We are closely monitoring the action plans of federal, state and local governments as they react to the spread of COVID-19 virus and the increase of hospital admissions. Marin County Health Department has continued the shelter-in-place orders for our area through the month of January.

Starting January 11, 2021, Aldersly will reimplement Phase 1B guidelines. The changes include:

• Reopening of Visitor access in designated areas.
• Fitness Studio and Salon areas remain closed.
• Dining areas to remain closed.
• Activities will be conducted on ZOOM. Indoor group activities will not be held.

The Aldersly team will continue working with CVS Pharmacy and the Marin County Health Department to vaccinate the community staff and residents. We fully vaccinated (2nd shot) about 50 staff members today (primarily in the Health Center and support), with plans to vaccinate our residents on January 20th (1st & 2nd shots). These clinics have been primarily for our Health Center residents and staff, but have allowed others in the community to be a part of the process. We will keep you updated as changes occur. Our residents will receive VoiceFriend messages when we make changes and we will update families through the same system via e-mail.

Thank you for adapting once again to changing guidelines. I appreciate the support you give our team and hope you stay safe.

Warm regards,

Gilbert Carrasco
Executive Director