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Coronavirus Update 02.19.21

Dear Aldersly Family,

I am so pleased and proud to see our residents and staff remaining resilient during this pandemic challenge. This week began with hope and love as we celebrated the Chinese New Year along with Valentine’s Day and ended today with a better late than never Mardi Gras parade. I hope you will go to our Facebook page and check out the fun we are having, all while remaining safe. As an end to this week’s festivities, our residents are tasked with voting for the best float. Remember, residents should vote this weekend for the best decorated/most creative float.

More good news to share! Aldersly has over 90% of our residents and staff fully vaccinated. Our final second dose clinic is February 22nd and we are looking forward to adopting our next phase of reopening in early March. In anticipation of moving to the next phase, we will institute “cruise style” dining which will offer 2 seating options for lunch and dinner. We ask that residents sign-up for their choice of mealtimes for indoor dining as we cannot have all residents dining at the same time.

We are all very optimistic that there will soon be further opening opportunities at Aldersly. The Marin County COVID-19 statistics continue to improve and hope to distribute more information about these programs next week.

Thank you for staying positive and safe during this challenging time.

Best regards,

Gilbert Carrasco
Executive Director