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Coronavirus Update 03.12.21

Dear Aldersly Family,

First and foremost, we would like to thank the family members and residents that have shown support and compliance with the processes and policies we have implemented onsite for the safety of those that live and work on our campus.

We have had the great pleasure of reopening our programs and services, such as small group activities and dining. The structure of our programs and dining is still not what we were used to pre-pandemic, however, they are a step in the right direction. To continue working towards a safe reopening, we ask that you all continue to work with us to comply with Aldersly’s guidelines in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Essential Visitor Program. Family members must be an approved essential visitor to visit a resident in the apartment. Aldersly will approve one essential visitor per resident. The Essential Visitor Program application can be requested from the front desk.

Dining. Masks can be removed when enjoying a meal but must be worn while waiting for service and once the plate is empty.

Programs. Please remember that common areas are shared and public spaces. Masks are required to enjoy these spaces and any group programs that are being held. In person activities are limited to 10 residents at this time. Most events are still available to be attended via Zoom as well as in person. Please sign up in advance to attend programs in person and use the Zoom ID previously provided to join virtually (Zoom ID 503 051 8142).

This week, our President has directed states to open vaccinations to all adults by May 1st. While this is great news for the future, it is essential that we practice all safety precautions to continue keeping all residents and team members safe today. We appreciate your support in our safety initiatives.


Preet Kaur