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Coronavirus Update 04.16.21

Dear Aldersly Family and Friends,

More good news continues to come to all of us in Marin County. The staff and I were excited to learn that as of April 13th, 48% of Marin County adults over the age of 16 are completely vaccinated and the numbers go up every day. This is very exciting news.

As promised last week, the staff and I are looking at how we are ‘getting back to better’ as the country and county continue to reopen. Going forward my update letters will focus on the improvements we are making at Aldersly.

This last week, the residents had SALTO electronic locks installed on their doors. This system is simple to use and provides a smarter, more manageable locking solutions for all Independent and Assisted Living apartments. The best part is that physical keys will no longer be required. Each resident will receive a ‘fob’ that has their apartment number coded into its electronic strip. We will have coil elastic wrist bands for the fobs or can provide a bracelet programed to use with the lock. These bracelets are waterproof and can be worn at all times. Once we have finished getting this task completed, Aldersly will be able to provide residents with extra fobs to give to family members. We are working on an instruction sheet for the use of this new system, but in the meantime, we encourage all residents and family members to come to the Front Desk with any questions or concerns.

For the time being, the current Covid rules will continue to be in place. We ask that visitors show proof of being > 2 weeks past the completed vaccination regimen and sign a Covid Release form when they come to the front office to sign in. Showing and signing only has to be done once. Visitors are still not allowed in the common areas of Aldersly such as the Dining Room and outside seating areas. Non-vaccinated friends and family can visit with residents in the visitation area by the front office. We know that many of the residents are going off campus to visit with family and friends. We ask that residents continue to sign out at the Accushield kiosk and let the Front office know when they will not be here for meals.

While the news for the future continues to be positive, it is essential that we continue to practice safety precautions to keep all residents and team members safe. We appreciate your patience and help every day. Thank you.


Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director