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Coronavirus Update 04.30.21

Dear Aldersly Family and Friends,

Marin County continues to do extremely well with the COVID-19 vaccinations. Our residents are 100% vaccinated and our staff continue to get their vaccines as available. The Aldersly team is excited to learn that as of April 28th, 60% of Marin County adults over the age of 16 are completely vaccinated. This is very exciting news and continues to renew my faith that we are ‘getting back to better.’

With that said, we need to continue to follow our COVID-19 precautions. Many of you heard that the CDC has removed the mask wearing precautions for outside functions and small group get togethers for those that have been vaccinated. Aldersly is governed by the California Department of Social Services and Department of Public Health, as well as the Marin County Department of Public Health. These three agencies have not lifted the restrictions for mask wearing for retirement communities. It is very important that our residents and guests continue to wear their masks and practice all the other COVID-19 precautions until our state and local agencies align with the CDC. As soon as this happens, we will be informing everyone. As the President, Joe Biden, has said, “If we keep our guard up, stick together, and stick with the science, we can look forward to a Fourth of July that feels a bit more normal — where we will begin to declare our independence on Independence Day from the virus.”

On another note, I have communicated to the residents and staff that I will be out on a medical leave beginning next week (May 3, 2021). In my absence, there will be support from the Life Care Services management team as well as the Aldersly department heads. Preet Kaur, our Administrator, will handle all day-to-day operational items and Ellen Campbell can address any concerns as the Office Manager. I will update you all with my expected return in about 6-8 weeks.


Gilbert Carrasco

Executive Director