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Health Services at Aldersly

For over 100 years, Aldersly has been committed to taking care of older adults and seniors as they age in place. Today we continue our dedication to that mission by providing a top-quality care program designed specifically for the needs of our residents. We have learned there are certain high acuity services that are not appropriate for us to provide, but that there are a variety of additional services that we can actually add to make our health care offering even better.

Exceptional Care at the Joanne Maxwell Health and Extended Care Center

Our Health and Extended Care Center is a natural extension of the cozy, comfortable, connected atmosphere residents enjoy throughout all of Aldersly. Whether a resident needs temporary recovery assistance after a hospital or skilled nursing stay, or 24-hour monitored care for manageable chronic conditions, we have all the nursing care and support necessary to provide great care along with a high level of independence.

At Aldersly, we utilize strong partnerships with home health, rehabilitation, and hospice service companies to ensure we’re able to meet residents’ needs for the rest of their lives in all our care settings.

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